Vibes is something which Flows within the house, there are various ways homeowners will be able to Create those positive vibes within. Vastu Is one such term, which  is the basic requirement to achieve one.

We all want to live in a place where one can be comfortable and calm.. So we need to understand why the construction of the house plays such a big role in it. Environment helps in building a foundation for a healthier mind and body and Vastu Shastra offers ways to create a healthier life,  It need to be followed correctly for Vastu Shastra to help the home’s residents to become physically and mentally healthy, 

How Vastu will bring in Some Positivity In your Life

  • Main Door

It’s considered that the Main door is the entry point for everything, it’s Not Just people, but also for the positive energy too. It is believed that if the main door opens outwards it will push away all the Positive energy, Try to build a  Main door on the On clockwise position so this can be maintained and energy can follow in.

  • Cleaning to Bring in the energy

One can argue but it’s obvious that cleaning up the space will create so much of the positive energy for you. Apart from cleaning try removing broken things and items from the house as well on a regular basis, Try removing the stuff from the way of your main entrance, because sometimes the blocking is from the inside.

  • Vastu-compliant construction

It is very well understandable that the health of the house will also affect the health of the person living in it.  According to ancient Ancient architecture it was all about proportions and planning the structure in a manner that it is always in sync with the magnetic field of the earth and harmony of colours. It is most important to commence the construction at the right moment (muhurat) and to use non-offensive building materials. Every built space has three types of energies – cosmic, earth and structural. To make the space positive and to ensure that all three are in harmony with each other, keep the centre of the space, which is called the Brahmasthan, free of any kind of structural violation. This will ensure that the flow of cosmic energy is balanced. Earth energy can be balanced by keeping the north-east corner lively. Structural energy can be harmonised, by ensuring that there is no clutter in the space.

  • Finding errors

Many vastu experts claim that one can Improve the health of the house and the well being of the person living within  by simply arranging or correcting items. If the bathroom is directly opposite to the kitchen, keep the door closed and use a Vastu energy partition on the door frame to separate these opposing energies and to block the negative energy.

  • Mirror bounce back Energies 

Hence, if the bed on which one sleeps is in the line of the mirror, it is advisable to remove the mirror or to cover it, for better sleep. 

  • Plants 

A tulsi plant is a must for the home, as it clears negative energy,” concludes Shah.

 Décor tips for positive energy

  • Avoid obstacles in front of the main door, hence if anything is blocking the entrance, try to remove it.
  • Keep the washroom door shut and avoid any leaking in the washroom as well.
  • Do not keep medicines in the kitchen.
  • Switch off all electronic and Wi-Fi systems, while taking rest.
  • Ensure that the furniture edges are not sharp. Avoid excessive use of red, black and grey in the home decor.
  • Avoid having split levels in the floor.
  • Pictures at home should always be positive. Avoid photos depicting war, loneliness, poverty, etc. To generate positive energy, display pictures of nature.
  • For a calming effect at home, light a diya, camphor or add soothing fragrance like sandalwood.
  • Do not keep trash at the entrance of your house.
  • Avoid using broken cutlery.
  • Dispose all those items that you haven’t been using for a long time.
  • Place all electronic appliances in the living room in the south-east direction.
  • According to Vastu, feeding birds brings wealth and positive energy. You can keep a bird feeder in your yard, terrace or balcony and fill it with water and grains. Make sure you keep these vessels clean.