There will be a time when Corona will get over and those “Happy days” will return, like we used to Spend our 8-10 hrs of daily life in the office, and then we will return to our home and after dinner, we get off to bed.
During those Hectic times, you all will need one of those happy places. We are going to introduce you to “Feng Shui techniques”, 

Oh you are asking “What’s that?”

Don’t worry, We have you covered- In simple words, the principles of Feng Shui tells us Methods in which we can balance the energies of any space, in Our case, It’s our homes, to Make sure the health and well-being of its inhabitants. These are some simple ways in which you can change the energy in your house instantly:

  • Let the Good vibes, come in–  Open the windows and let in some sunshine and good vibes, It Will Help you to Create a Positive environment
  • Candles & Fragrance–  Bring in some incense of Sage or a beeswax candle. Yes! They do bring in good energy,  also smell great, and are less harmful than traditional wax candles.
  • Cleanliness is the key– Dusting and Cleaning your furniture and Wiping your kitchen properly won’t just do wonders but also keep you healthy.
  • Move the trash out and away– We sure have Dustbins placed in various places in our kitchen, Like- Bedroom, Kitchen, Washroom. Empty them properly and remove dust from them on a regular basis.
  • Fluffy Pillows and Attractive CushionsIf you are also a fan of putting Cushions, you are gonna love this step, Buy some Attractive Pillows and cushions and fluff them up, Keep your Sofa and bed neat.
  • Keep the seat down– One of the most easy and very popular Feng Shui techniques to ensure that your energy and wealth don’t ‘go down the drain’!
  • Add some green color in the mix– “Have you heard of house plants”, get some of them, Not Only they look beautiful but also bring in tons of Positivity for the habitants.
  • A Lil Dance and music, Won’t Hurt anyone– Are you a bathroom singer? Or love to dance when alone, Bring that attitude in the living room, turn the volume up a Lil and dance your soul out.
  • Find some Lavender– If you have been to any Spa, you might have noticed an aroma, that’s Lavender. The scent of lavender is often used to cleanse the energy in a space, and to calm down frayed nerves. Use a lavender-scented incense stick, or sprinkle some drops of lavender essential oil over your upholstery.
  • Keep the floor clean and tidy– How about taking a mop and wipe the floor with it till it starts to shine like a diamond, well at least sparkle will be ok as well. 
  • Positivity captured in a bottle– Get some essential Oils, Use small bottles to purify the energy in every corner of your house. Lavender essential oil is the most popular choice, but you can also go for lemongrass or sandalwood. 
  • Bright and light up your Room– Replace old bulbs and Light in the room, which have lost its Shine and get new and bright ones. Bright light tends to Bring the happy essence.

Yes, Getting a laughing buddha is great as well but try using these 12 techniques as well, as at the end of the positivity is all that matters. Soon We’ll be heading to our daily routine, start practicing these small points today, to make your own happy place.