To be honest, looking for a paying guest is quite a Hectic task, you have to visit so many places, Compare it with other pgs, and then to decide which to go for. In the current market, where you have got so many options available, We at estates owl, are here to provide a Check-list to Make your move In Easy.


Since you have made Up your Mind to live in a pg you have to go for the Shared or Private Rooms and Make sure you have provided your decision details to the Owner of the pg. Because then it will be the owner’s Headache to find a suitable room for you. For example, if you are someone who studies late into the night, keeping the lights switched on, you will want to make sure that your flatmate is like-minded.

Are you comfortable in sharing a Washroom.?

Usually, in shared PG spaces, you might have to share a Washroom, Make sure Before going for a shared room, you are comfortable in Sharing washroom, If not for a private accommodation.

Mess or Outside Food-

In recent times we have seen a trend Where Students and other professionals opt for PGs, Which Serve food. There are a lot of PGs which serve only vegetarian food. People also like to know about the menu beforehand, hence before settling in, do get to understand breakfast, lunch, and dinner timings and whether the PG offers a provision of packing the breakfast/lunch straight to your college/office, if you so wish. People also consider to go for options, so sometimes they opt-out of the Mess food in return for some concessions.

Rules and Regulation in Normal PGs

Off Limit Timings- 

Usually, In PGs, you might see a term called “Gate timing” Usually PGs are considered safe and maintain that Safety the Owners put restrictions on “in and out” timings. 

These timings are needed to Be followed strictly otherwise sometimes you may have to bear a penalty as well.

Nowadays, you can also find options on Much lesser restrictions, with the entry of Market giants like OYO and ZOLO in PG Segment, the restrictions are very Much Flexible.

Housekeeping schedule

Surely Most of the PGs Provide Room Cleaning and Housekeeping services, But In Practical, the Schedule is jumbled Up. since ultimately you are the one who will be living in that room, you have to make sure you keep the track of housekeeping and ask about it from your Owner time to time.

Rules of the house

  • TV schedule 
  • Visiting Rule (For Visitors)
  • Food Policy
  • Smoking and Drinking Policy
  • Electricity Charges 

Floor of the Room 

These are the basic points one needs to Remember and clarify with the Owner before Making your Move-in. 

Agreement for stay (Rent Agreement)

If you make a mindset to move to a PG, For sure PG owners will ask for various things one of them will be- Verification and others will be a Security deposit.

Most PG owners will ask for a security deposit ranging between one to six months or even more. This is because of the past Experience, they had, while Hosting a Guest, that they leave the Accommodation Midway and sometimes without even paying, Hence it’s important to ask about the terms and conditions:

  1. What if I want to leave the PG mid-way, will I get my security deposit back?
  2. Will the entire security deposit be refunded after the tenure?
  3. How is the cost of damages calculated and how is the list of the damages that qualify ascertained?

How are is the transportation

Most students and professionals, who have to commute on a daily basis, Look for spaces either close to the transportation mode or go for their own vehicle.

Given that most students prefer a PG close to their college, it is a given that they wish to keep their spend on commute at the minimum. Therefore, check for transport facilities – shared or otherwise in the area. If the frequency isn’t appreciable, you will have to spend much more on your transport than what you would have calculated.

Look for feedback

Before getting into any property it is needed to do a site visit and speak to a few flatmates there. It is also needed to interact with the property owner. The reviews and experience of the flatmates will be helpful, In Choosing a better suited PG for you, As those Flatmates would have been living in that particular location, they will be able to provide you with proper feedback. The last suggestion would be- Always take a tour or the Surrounding you will be making your next move to, Since you must be aware of the local Market and Medical shops In case of emergencies.