About us

Our company

We always reach out to people who most need our services! We satisfy their property needs in a very personalized manner that makes real estate purchases extremely feasible and efficient. We strive to make our customers wholeheartedly happy by catering to their needs as quickly as possible!

Our Vision

High standards and quality deals are what we aim to provide our customers. We believe that our approach towards real estate will bring about a revolution that is sure to leave our customers very satisfied with our services. We aim to reach out to a vast majority and extend our innovative services that are sure to benefit them!


We are on a mission to simplify real estate like never before. Whether you are in the market for buying, renting or selling your real estate, EstatesOwl ensure you have the best experience with minimal documentation and a secure experience throughout.

We have partnered with highly skilled lawyers to multiple agents to get you the right deal you were looking for. We believe, buying home is one of the rare experience in one’s life and one of the most stressful as well. Here, at EstatesOwl, we would like to change exactly that.

While you search for your dream house on our portal, we spend days working on picking the right deal for you to choose form by doing some due diligence, so that you can be assured and be safe when you buy a deal from EstatesOwl.

Come, Lets Uncomplicate Real Estate,